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There was no other reason other than just outright greed as to why they did what they did. Josh Bob Lablah, Bitter much? This stage could also be called denial. JessPH I like him and his videos more now than when he was a twink. After thirty seconds or so it simply looked to pathetic, regardless of the fact that it was bareback, something he vowed to never do again. He was in several scenes with Corrigan. I love stories with happy endings.

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I noticed absent from that list in this article was how Lucas went of of him at that award show in SF a few years back.

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The industry liked him, too. Greed and drugs do warp the mind after so long and they proved no exception. While Kocis thought he had both a boyfriend and a cash-cow under contract, his star saw it differently; now 18, Corrigan got a lawyer and outed himself as underage at the time his first films were shot. I have seen his efforts in non-porn movies. His situation is pretty pathetic.

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