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erotic asian story
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When he filled her love canal up to the brim he just lay there breathing heavy. His tongue was zipping up and down like a thirsty puppy and she was beginning to yell and so was her sister. Now thinking of it as a humanitarian mission, and quite prepared to help with the support of any offsprings, he did stay on for a few weeks of fucking and sucking — just to make sure his fish had swum the course. The following morning he was to continue on his trip but before he could start out he was once again served breakfast in bed. Not to be outdone her sister turned around and sat on his face with her tight hairy crack right over his mouth. When they returned, displaying their small but beautiful tits and hairy muffs, he was afraid of embarrassing himself by developing a boner.

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erotic asian story

After putting the tray down the chief, who spoke some English, thanked him for fucking his three daughters.

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Nothing she did made him change his pace. He expected her to leave right away but she squatted on the floor and watched every mouthful he took. When he shot his load Rona screamed and kept working it out of his pipe while Mona fell forward, her body vibrating like someone possessed. It only seemed polite to lick it and so he set his pussy fluffer to work while reaching up and fondling her tits. It seemed it was massage time as they were carrying two bottles of some kind of exotic oil. Rona began sliding her delicate hands over his chest and shoulders, while Mona started on the calves of his legs and worked her way up slowly.

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