Latin hood rats

latin hood rats
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Rat-catchers would not only make money by trapping the rodents, but also by selling them for food, or more commonly, for rat-baiting. A laboratory rat or lab rat is a rat of the species Rattus norvegicus domestica which is bred and kept for scientific research. Lastly, when in advanced age, they sometimes develop spontaneous glomerular sclerosis. Laboratory rats not sacrificed may be euthanized or, in some cases, become pets. Zucker, pioneer researchers in the study of the genetics of obesity. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original on 22 May

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Laboratory rat

Genetic analysis of albino rat strains collected from all parts of the world carried out by a team led by Takashi Kuramoto at Kyoto University in , showed that the albino rats descended from hooded rats and all the albino rats descended from a single ancestor. Hairless lab rats provide researchers with valuable data regarding compromised immune systems and genetic kidney diseases. The albino laboratory rat with its red eyes and white fur is an iconic model organism for scientific research in a variety of fields. While less commonly used for research than mice , rats have served as an important animal model for research in psychology and biomedical science. Knockout rat disease models for Parkinson's disease , Alzheimer's disease , hypertension , and diabetes , using zinc-finger nuclease technology, are being commercialized by SAGE Labs.

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