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I was born for opera buffa, as you well know. This is what has earned this mass the adjective petite. The word "eleison" appears in contrasting homophonic chords marked forte , but smorzando to piano for the repeats of the word. Rossini biographical film Rossini! This movement was not part of Rossini's original version for two pianos and harmonium, but he inserted it in his version for orchestra. Some versions failed to mention that Rossini intended the work to be accompanied by two pianos. The unusual scoring for voices, two pianos and harmonium is in the Neapolitan harpsichord tradition of the 18th century.

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The fugue is worthy of Bach for erudition.

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Fleming points out that Rossini may have had reasons of his own to compose it, and dedicated it in response to staging the first performance. This music was composed by Rossini's friend Louis Niedermeyer as the "Et incarnatus" of a solemn mass, and included by Rossini "possibly as an affectionate personal tribute", as the musicologist David Hurwitz points out. The resurrection is announced by the sopranos, first alone, then by a strong chord in the instruments which changes the E-flat they sing to D-sharp of a B major chord, in which the other voices join. The structure begins classically with a fugue with the exposition of the subject successively in the three voices at a piano dynamic. The first performance of the orchestral version, which was also the first public performance of the work, took place on 24 February , close to what would have been Rossini's seventy-seventh birthday. She summarizes his "optimistic and deeply felt faith.

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