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Especially after going through the surgery, I didn't want to mess up anything. I remember one of the therapists who wrote me a letter of recommendation told me a story of this woman who got her vagina something like 25 years ago, and it had this smell that she didn't think anything of, and then she lost her vagina. I recently had sex for the first time with my vagina. Emily never got a bid to a Michigan sorority — but the same month her story was published, she accomplished another one of her life goals: to undergo gender confirmation surgery. Most trans people are really tired of being asked questions about their bodies, and actually, no one likes being asked about their genitals. There were three other girls who all got surgery on the same day as me — one in her 30s, one in her 40s, and one in her 50s.

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Angelique. Age: 28.
transexual post op

I'd be scared to wear bathing suits.

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Sofia. Age: 28.
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I'm a 22-Year-Old Trans Woman. Here's What It's Really Like to Get Gender Confirmation Surgery.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. I only think I saw, maybe, one picture, so I didn't really know what I was going to get. But then, after an hour or two, my anesthesia wore off and it was the most unbelievable, excruciating pain of my life. Let's talk about other topics. I always had anxiety that people could see my bulge. It's just a whole new world, to quote Aladdin. I could only take them every four hours, so I asked my mom to hold my hand because that's the only thing that helped.

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