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Hong Kong policewoman Yeung teams up with Taiwanese and Mainland officers to take down a gunrunning ring. Chinese Paladin — 45 min Adventure, Fantasy, Romance 7. Red River min Drama 6. Anniversary min Romance 6. Now these young thugs are facing one big payday. Final Victory 98 min Crime, Drama, Romance 6. In Shanghai, a soon-to-depart soldier meets a young woman under a bridge during a Japanese air raid.

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Libby. Age: 28.
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Buddhist monks trap her in a deep cave to keep her from falling into evil hands.

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Chaya. Age: 22.
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Coconut has finally reunited with his family, Sha ke 90 min Crime, Romance, Thriller 4. When their family's entire fortune is wiped out after making the wrong bet on the Hong Kong stock exchange, an investment financier forces his sons to commit suicide before following after them. Kindhearted Abbot Jiku grants her wish to enjoy the human world for 7 days. An affable guy gets more than he bargained more when he halfheartedly agrees to watch over the wife and the mistress of his incarcerated brother and gets trapped between the women in a love triangle - right before the parole hearing. Ordinary Heroes min Drama 6.

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