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At 24, she'd worked in 15 lap dancing clubs over the last six years. Every customer I speak to seems to think they are the nice guy, and that talking to them will save me from talking to any 'creepy guys'. He runs away when I start screaming. He's an accountant from Yorkshire, and as a dancer walks off stage he nods in her direction and says, "she's ruined her body with all those tattoos. Performing on stage several times a night is compulsory but unpaid, so if the lap dancers don't earn any money from the customers, then they go home empty handed, despite providing the club with free entertainment — and having paid to work there.

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Aubrey. Age: 23.
two girl lap dance

I do not ask him what his expectations were.

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Cali. Age: 23.
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This Is What It's Like Being A Lap Dancer In London

Would all the women work there, getting their kit off, if they could make the same money while wearing a nice bit of knitwear, working sociable hours? Some names have been changed. At one of my auditions I meet two Spanish women in their early 20s. All the other girls are sucking the manager's dick, but if you don't suck his dick you have a hard time there. As I watch another woman audition, the creepy security guy shuffles over to the stage mid-song, and leans in to remind her: "You've got to take your knickers off. The majority of the other clubs ask me to audition during opening hours, effectively providing the club with free entertainment for their customers.

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