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Sinaga was born in in Jambi , [11] Sumatra , Indonesia , to a Catholic family. Sinaga lived in a flat in central Manchester which acted as a base for his assaults. Life imprisonment 88 concurrent life sentences. Sinaga's earliest established offence occurred on New Year's Day At least [2] 48 basis of conviction [3].

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Sinaga is believed by police to have raped or assaulted at least men in Manchester, having waited for them outside at nightclubs, pubs, and similar venues in the early hours.

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Reynhard Sinaga

Reynhard Tambos Maruli Tua Sinaga [1]. The man, a heterosexual like the majority of Sinaga's victims, could remember nothing when he awoke the next day in his abuser's flat covered in vomit. He would wait for men leaving nightclubs and bars before leading them to his flat, often offering them somewhere to have a drink or call a taxi. Sinaga was convicted of counts of rape, 14 counts of sexual assault, eight counts of attempted rape and one count of assault by penetration. Sinaga pleaded 'not guilty' to all charges made against him with the result that his victims had to endure relating evidence in court and the videos being shown to the jurors and others present at the trials.

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