Radiator is cold at the bottom

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Is your radiator not heating up? Even though the radiator temperature is turned up high you notice that your radiator is cold at the bottom. If so, the chances are that you have air in your radiators, this video shows how to bleed your radiators yourself.

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In this DIY project guide learn how to identify and solve your radiator problems that could include top of the radiator cold and the bottom hot, top of the radiator hot and the bottom cold, downstairs radiators hot and the upstairs cold, upstairs radiators hot and the downstairs cold, no radiators getting warm at all and radiators only warm near the boiler. Once we have helped you to diagnose the problem you will then also learn how to fix any issues. Don't want to do this job yourself?

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Our boiler repairs team often get queries from customers about their radiators. The most common of these is about a loss of heat, with your radiator getting cold at the bottom. Over the years, your pipes and radiators can get filled up with all sorts of dirt and debris.

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There are a few factors that can cause cold patches in radiators. If you discover that the valve is faulty, contact your local heating engineer. Located at the opposite end of the radiator to the main valve, the lockshield valve regulates the flow of hot water from the radiator.

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This radiator problem is caused by central heating sludge. But, typically it will take years assuming filters are not fitted to your heating system for sludge to cause severe problems, like radiators not heating up correctly. Those living in hard water areas are going to be affected much more than those in soft-moderate areas — there are less minerals in water in soft-moderate areas.

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Cold patches appear on radiators when your water supply is unable to properly flow through your central heating system due to air or substances such as dirt or sludge being present. There are a few factors that can cause the radiators in your home to develop cold patches, here are what we believe to be some of the most common causes and their potential fixes:. If the top of your radiator is cold, it's possible that there is air trapped within the system. However, we recommend contacting a qualified engineer if you feel unsure about conducting the job yourself.


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