Thumb grasp

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Related to palm-and-thumb grasp: modified pen grasp. To take hold of or seize firmly with the hand, the foot, another body part, or an instrument: The elephant grasped the branch with its trunk. To take hold of intellectually; comprehend.

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Kids can use some pretty interesting grasps on pencils. You can see the thumb squashed up against the pencil, the pointer finger wrapped around the pencil, or the thumb wrapped around the fingers. Very often, the pencil grasp that a child is using is not one of stability and rather, is a demonstration of instability as weakness in the muscles of the hand is compensating during handwriting.

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Determining the differences between the two can save parents and children a lot of unnecessary headaches. If a child is demonstrating an inefficient grasp, they might be putting unnecessary strain on these joints due to awkward positioning. Web space: The first web space is between your thumb and index finger. A child with a death grip on a pencil is going to have a closed off web space.

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Research has shown that an ideal pencil grip is not needed for fluent handwriting. In fact, trying to change a functional adapted grip often creates problems for the child. The message is : any grip that is comfortable and allows a child make small bending and straightening movements of the fingers along with very small wrist movements is acceptable.

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The pincer grasp is the coordination of the index finger and thumb to hold an item. While it may seem like second nature to an adult, to a baby this is an important milestone in fine motor development. A baby will typically develop this skill between the ages of 9 and 10 monthsalthough this can vary.

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I am trying to figure out why the thumb wraps over the forefinger so frequently. The thumb wrap prevents the skilled use of the thumb. There isn't the movement of the thumb from moving from flexion to extension of the IP to advance the pencil.

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Mastery of these pencil skills focuses on the content of their writing rather than the mechanics of pencil, speed, and movement. Yet we expect children to demonstrate their knowledge on paper in order to assess their pace. Handwriting is influenced by the development of appropriate sensorimotorperceptual and cognitive skills. In the dynamic tripod grasp, the pencil is held between the thumb and index finger, with the pencil resting on the middle finger.


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