Sheer dinosaur king

sheer dinosaur king
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They return to Takeda, where Sheer's memories return; after Takeda holds the Cosmos Stone with his bare hand and collapses, she takes it and flees, returning to the Space Pirates. Her and the other Pirates' images try to stop Seth from crashing the Backlander into the Dark Pterosaur's core, but fail, and are stripped of the power it had granted them. She sends the Deinonychus trio out again, who focus on Hanzo when the D-Team's dinos are distracted by the other Space Pirates. They eventually go to make a real trade, but Dr. She leaves Meg behind to keep battling, where she is defeated by Ace 's Ultimate Wind.

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Grace. Age: 29.
sheer dinosaur king

They eventually go to make a real trade, but Dr.

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Annika. Age: 28.
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The Haunted Hunt

However, the gemstone is just a normal jewel, and she puts Zahrah on a high ledge until she leads her to the real Cosmos Stone, but Aladdin lassos Sheer in midair and she drops. She briefly reports to Takeda with the Kunoichi in episode 16 before they attack Tokugawa and Hanzo in the next episode , who now possess the Cosmos Stone. In the series finale , Sheer and the other Pirates have been turned into giant floating images of extreme power inside the Dark Pterosaur, and when the Backlander breaks inside, she summons Maximus with the others to attack them, Spectral Punisher defeating Tank. In the next episode , she awakens knowing only her name, and the Kunoichi offer to let her join them. In the English dub, she is voiced by Erica Schroeder.

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