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On social media and red carpets, from New York to China, hairy underarms are having a mainstream moment. Love it or hate it, not shaving under the arms has morphed into a call to action for other women as well who are looking to be free of the constraint or choose for themselves without ridicule. At first, it was just for fun.

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Fresh off the return of the full bushthere is yet another triumph for team no-nicks-and-cuts. Signaling a long overdue shift in society's standards of female beauty, it wouldn't have been possible without the women who bucked convention in the first place. During the golden age of Old Hollywood, Sophia Loren redefined bombshell beauty by displaying bushels of armpit hair in curve-hugging halter dresses.

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Whatever you choose to do with your body hair is totally up to you. Shave it, sugar it, wax it, laser it all off, or rock body hair the way Mother Nature intended. Either way, it's time we end the stigma surrounding women's body hair altogether.

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One of the mysteries of Italian women is whether they shave their armpits or not. It is a mystery, and a question that is often asked. Is it true that Italian women have hairy armpits? Well, that might have been true some 10 or 20 years ago, but nowadays, women in Italy now shave their armpits.

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Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Click here for more information. A guy walks into a diner and sees the fry cook, with one arm, making hamburger patties by smashing meat under his armpit

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Illinois woman Hollie Ann Redinger was in a store checkout line when she heard the words, "Why does that lady have hairy armpits like daddy? But Redinger didn't mind. Instead, she used the exchange as an opportunity to teach the young girl about natural body hair—and then she wrote about it on Facebook to teach her friends and followers, too.

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Usually, the traditionally beautiful women we see in adverts and media are smooth all over, so seeing these types of women with hairy armpits still feels a little surprising. Some agreed, some recommended friends. Soon, as his project picked up steam, women began approaching Ben to get involved.

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Social scientists will try to measure anything, it seems, and in the most recent issue of Psychology of Women Quarterlya professor at Arizona State has published a paper that attempts to quantify the disgust women feel with regard to body hair — their own, and that of other women. The scholar, named Breanne Fahs, conducted two experiments. Respondents said that shaving was a minor inconvenience and a personal choice, but that overall the idea of body hair was revolting.

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Shop Jill Martin's Steals and Deals! You might not be a fan of boyfriend jeanstop knots or jumpsuitsbut those won't seem quite so offensive after you scratch your head at the newest summer trend. Underarm hair, which has traditionally been seen as unfeminine and perhaps even unclean, is having its moment in the spotlight. It's just my own personal preference.


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